Rest Day Motivation – #1

Hello everyone! Rest Day Today!

Tonight, my fabulous girlfriend and I were watching an awesome documentary called “Rising From Ashes”. It is about the Rwanda cycling racing team and the journey of the lives of everyone involved.

Here is the trailer and I really suggest you go purchase it and watch with loved ones.

This documentary really touched me in so many ways in how perseverance, drive, dedication can motivate so many. From every dark cave where all the evil and bad things can happen and how it changes people, how it humbles people and how it strengthens people in a way that is indescribable. Extremely moving film.

Anyway, the film reminded me what my purpose is in life. I want to do my very best to stay humble, to motivate when I can, to coach others to be their best and to inspire others to reach their goals in life, in sport and in being human. I feel it is a huge responsibility that I have and I must do it in the best way I know how to do.

Believe me, I do love winning, I love healthy competition and I love getting medals of achievement but the most important thing I love is seeing others better themselves. With a healthy body comes a healthy mind. I truly believe this mentally boosts people into a better place and out of the dark caves.

Life is not easy and these days, it is not getting any easier. So, just remember, life is short, live it to the absolute fullest you can, be around fantastic people and do what you can to motivate, inspire and help people get to be their best-selves. Yes, my new word.

Fill your lives with positivity. Help a cause, buy a bike for someone, go help spread the word of just being positive and excellent to each other.


Remember, haters going to hate, trolls going to troll.. ignore the noise and just smile in the face of adversity and wish them a great day. Never be ashamed of your achievements, share them with the world as they WILL inspire someone even if you don’t know it and that is OK.

Stay positive my friends. I love you all.